An introduction to the analysis of deforestation

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Deforestation ´╗┐Introduction Deforestation is the process of clearing the forest by cutting down the trees for fulfilling different demands.

Forest has a vital role in meeting people's needs.


Therefore people usually cut down the trees of the forest without having proper knowledge. Sea ice and glaciers are melting all over the globe from warmer temperatures. Over 60% of the world's fresh water is stored in the ice sheets covering Antarctica - up to.

In ecology, resilience is the capacity of an ecosystem to respond to a perturbation or disturbance by resisting damage and recovering quickly. Such perturbations and disturbances can include stochastic events such as fires, flooding, windstorms, insect population explosions, and human activities such as deforestation, fracking of the ground for oil extraction, pesticide sprayed in soil, and.

Deforestation and forest degradation are the principal causes of forest cover change and account for a large proportion of global carbon emissions (Achard et alvan der Werf et al ).Deforestation, defined as the long-term or permanent conversion of land from forest use to other non-forest uses (GOFC-GOLD ), represents an abrupt and rapid change in land cover.

World Population Awareness

Introduction:The extent of deforestation of tropical evergreen forests swamps other concerns that may affect these forests such as fragmentation and An analysis of deforestation and associated. The analysis suggests that higher population and fertility rates were associated with higher deforestation in the moist forest region in the s.

Deforestation was lower in vanilla producing areas and higher in coffee producing areas.

An introduction to the analysis of deforestation
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