An introduction to the issue of autism

Introduction to the Special Issue: Autism, Adolescence, and High School

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The Vaccine–Autism Controversy

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Impact on Family of Autism

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Nonmedical Interventions

Introduction A lot of clinical studies and tests were conducted to understand the nature and causes of autism, as well as the communicative and social behavior of people who suffer from this kind of brain development disorder. Autism Disorder Antionessa Harris HCA Mr.

Introduction to the Issues Facing People on the Autism Spectrum

Bruce Gould March 1, Autism Disorder Autism Disorder Introduction Autism is a disorder that affects a child's cognitive ability to interact with others and form relationships.

MEETING REPORT Autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders 5 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This document is the report of the consultation organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) on ‘Autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders: From raising awareness to building capacity.’.

Although there are many concerns about labeling a young child with an autism spectrum disorder, the earlier the diagnosis of autism is made. Abstract: Autism is a low-incidence disorder that has received increasing attention as parents have organized seeking more effective education services for their children with psychologists will have contact with children with autism through their participation on multidisciplinary teams (MDT) to determine a child’s eligibility.

The Superior Part of Speaking (Introduction to a special issue of Disability Studies Quarterly: Autism and the Concept of Neurodiversity) 40 Pages.

and Katie Ellis provides an omnibus review of films about autism from Australia.

How Autism is Diagnosed

The special issue is jam-packed. We wish to thank the many contributors and article referees.

An introduction to the issue of autism
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