Bachelor thesis business management

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Business education

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Thesis - Business and Management

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Bachelor of Business Administration

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TUM School of Management is building.

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2 Problem It is important for companies to engage in business abroad in order to stay competitive. Even though the decision to start trading with foreign countries may seem rational and un-avoidable for many companies there are obstacles that could and will affect the business outcome.

Finance is concerned with investment, decision-making where time and risk are key parameters, and financial markets. Finance is available as a first major for the Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business Analysis and Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours.

Finance may also be included as a second major or as a minor in other undergraduate degrees, subject to the approval of the. Prepare yourself to build the businesses of tomorrow, embrace innovation and think like an entrepreneur with a bachelor of business, commerce or management.

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Bachelor thesis business management
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20 Great Topic Ideas For Your Business Management Thesis