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Dating the Book of Revelation

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If we do not begin with the correct writing date of Revelation we cannot understand this great book. I will prove to you from Scripture that most people today start with the wrong date.

o Different purposes for writing. Scholars who favor a late date for Revelation place it during the reign of Domitian from A.D.

81 to excluded from business dealings. 2. Jewish Communities () Judaism, unlike other religions, could legally be practiced. The date of the writing of Revelation is important.

A number of significant points hinge on the date. The book has been placed in the reigns of several Roman emperors including Claudius, Nero, Trajan and Domitian. Some modern scholars have even suggested the reign of Vespasian as the time of writing. Revelation Commentary > Study Guide.

Revelation - a study guide About the Book of Revelation: its author, date and purpose. The author of Revelation gives his name as John ().John was one of the 12 disciples (special students) of Jesus, who later became the apostles (the first leaders of the Christian church).

Dating the Book of Revelation. Click Here to listen. Adapted from the Afterword of The Last Sacrifice. if the apostle John were indeed writing in AD 95, it seems incredible that he would make no mention whatsoever of the most apocalyptic event in Jewish history — the demolition of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple at the hands.

He discusses authorship, date of writing, and the social and cultural setting of the work. He also examines elements that complicate the interpretation of apocalyptic literature, including the use of symbols and figures of speech, Old Testament allusions, and the role of prophetic prediction.

Date of revelation writing a business
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