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Pictures from trade publications are useful for constructing a point of view, and sometimes these students provide statistics on an industry. The International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, an international scientific journal, publishes English-language articles and case reports in the field of public and nonprofit marketing and closely related disciplines.

Relevant doctoral thesis reviews and book reviews are also welcome. The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing (JBIM) publishes research on new ideas concerning business-to-business marketing, that is, how one company or organization markets its goods/services/ideas to another company or is a valuable source for academics, directors and executives of marketing, providing them with new, fresh.

Review of Marketing Science is a peer-reviewed, electronic-only journal devoted to the wide and rapid dissemination of the latest research in marketing. Sales & Marketing Management (eJournals) Feature articles, profiles and interviews, travel information, legislation and news notes aimed at sales managers and marketing executives.

International Marketing Review Volume List. Issue(s) available: - from Volume 1 Issue 1, to Volume 35 Issue 3 International Marketing, Strategic Orientations and Business Success.

Issue 3 Special Issue: Insights from Latin America. Issue 2 Issue 1 Volume 28 Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC. Economics - Free articles.

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Business Economics; Comparative Economic Studies; Development; Marketing - Free articles. Corporate Reputation Review; Journal of Brand Management; Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice Palgrave Macmillan Journals -.

Market orientation is a business culture which enlists the participation of all employees for the purpose of creating superior value for its customers and superior performance for itself.

A substantial body of research finds a positive relationship between a business's magnitude of market.

Journal article review for business marketing
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Marketing Strategies for the Ethics Era