Nightly business report host paul kangas death

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'Nightly Business Report' Anchor Paul Kangas Dies at 79

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Paul Kangas Leaving PBS'

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Professor of history at Hofstra University and a well-known and prolific writer of business histories. Abel Prize recipients. Name Year School Degree Notability Kangas, Paul Paul Kangas: Stern, M.B.A.

Host, Nightly Business Report: Kelleher, Herb Herb Kelleher: LawLL.B. Frank was the substitute stock market anchor for Paul Kangas on The Nightly Business Report on PBS from through His tv experience also includes anchoring and reporting on WTVJ in Miami, where he was part of the station’s Peabody-award winning tv coverage of Hurricane Andrew in Jones has lectured at many seminars and banking schools and is a frequent commentator on Federal Reserve policy, financial market developments, and the economic outlook on CNBC, CNN, PBS (Nightly Business Report), and other television network and cable news shows.

Paul Kangas

In this Oct. 5, file photo, Paul Kangas of the “Nightly Business Report” was the keynote speaker at a Making Money seminar at the Broward County Convention Center, in Fort Lauderdale.

Paul Kangas, the longtime host of the Nightly Business Report on PBS, has died. Kangas, 79, was host of the Miami-based business show from to The following year, inMiami PBS.

Keith Olbermann: Bill Moyers talks with host of MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" about the relationships between politics and journalism; Massing of the Media: A report on the debate around relaxing ownership rules and a look at the real-world implications of increasing cross-ownership of newspapers and broadcast outlets in the same.

Nightly business report host paul kangas death
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