Plain language business writing

Plain language

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Effective Business Writing: The Importance of Plain Language

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Plain-English editing and writing-skills training:

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She is an advocate of using plain English in your business writing. I am too. It is in fact surprisingly difficult to use plain language to describe complicated ideas and very easy to fill text with superfluous and inflated words.

In our fast-paced business world, knowing how to use plain English is a vital skill. Plain Language at NIH.

Plain language is grammatically correct language that includes complete sentence structure and accurate word usage. Plain language is not unprofessional writing or a method of "dumbing down" or "talking down" to the reader. Writing that is clear and to the point helps improve communication and takes less time to read and understand.

Plain Language in Business. The National Writing Project, dedicated to improving writing and learning in the nation’s schools, issued a report on the need for a writing revolution.

Why Plain Language is Good for Business

Pretentious Language Wastes Time. A management communication specialist in France illustrates how unclear and pretentious language wastes management’s time, even in. Writing business emails Introduction.

Email has changed the way we work – allowing us to communicate cheaply and quickly with colleagues, suppliers and other contacts around the world. Business Writing Tips - tips on good business writing.

Why Plain Language is Good for Business Plain language business writing
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