Sustainability reporting in the australian commonwealth

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Sustainability reporting

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CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY MILESTONES. Since it was founded inthe Commonwealth Bank Group has led the way in sustainability. We received the Australian Sustainability Awards’ Special Award for Labour Relations and Human.

Sustainability reporting by Australian public sector organisations: Why they report Author links open overlay panel Federica Farneti a James Guthrie a b Show more.

Partnering with the Australian Water Association; Flexible working – supporting our people and our customers Our Sustainability Review is prepared in accordance with the Global KPMG has also considered whether the appropriate indicators have been reported in accordance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards Comprehensive.

TOP OF PAGE. Sustainability reporting in Australia.

Sustainability reporting

According to the Centre for Australian Ethical Research report State of Sustainability Reporting in Australia24 per cent of Australia's largest public and private companies voluntarily undertook sustainability reporting in This does not compare well with international levels of sustainability reporting.

2 Sustainability Reporting by the Australian Commonwealth Public Sector Abstract This paper explores sustainability reporting in the Australian Commonwealth public. In Commonwealth Bank was the number one Australian company and number two bank in the world on the Global Most Sustainable Corporations in the World index (G).

For two consecutive years, Commonwealth Bank has been the highest ranking Australian bank on the CDP Global Index, with an overall disclosure score of / and ‘A band.

Sustainability reporting in the australian commonwealth
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